hog3 manual??

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is there a manual specific to the hog3 console? my amigos were having trouble networking a pair of hog 3's last night, and i was told that they don't network like the road hogs and ipc's do.

when a crashy ipc + dp2000 with no additional wings or touchscreens is the solution to my control problems, i get scared.


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    The HogIII fully supports networking, and has supported it since before the iPC even existed... Sounds like your amigos need to sign up for one of the Hog training classes.

    There is one manual that covers all of the HogIII derived consoles including the HogIII, iPC, RH, and RHFB. There are a a few sections that only apply to a specific console, but the vast majority of it is shared.
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    thanks for the quick reply, eric!

    i'm planning on signing up for one of the classes soon as well.

    So do the consoles all network the same way? are they all the same guts and brains in different form factors?
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    Each console is different internally, but they offer similar networking capabilities.
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