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I am attempting to create a flame flicker effect. I am using two cue lists running at the same time that effect the same channels (to make the effect more random). Both cue lists are using the random 2 effect but have different size, rate, and offset. I would like to set both cue lists to HTP, but when I do that, the intensity output remains static at the the base level of the channel with no effect. Thoughts? Am I missing a better way to do a flicker effect that has no obvious pattern?


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    HTP with f/x engine does not work in Hog III.
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    cormacjack wrote: »
    HTP with f/x engine does not work in Hog III.

    I'm really hoping this is fixed in 3.2...

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    i find with the current ability of the hog 3 that a good flame effect can be produced with 2 sources one gelled red on gelled amber, and then useing the intensity/tangent effect run at different rate/size/offset values for each source, this will give you the randomness you need, plus the slight change from red to amber is very convincing.

    the best use i have had so far was in recreating a campfire, I used 4 mr16's 2 red 2 amber, under a raised bed of acrylic chunks then used a small fogger for smoke, the spill light from the mr's played perfectly on the actors, and the direct light caught by the acrylic made them "glow" just like real embers, add in the rising fogger smoke and presto! on our first test run our stage manager mistook it for a real fire and he ran out on stage with an extinguisher almost deploying it.
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