Networking mapping drive with Laptop Registered User
Can someone please explain to me how I setup a network mapping drive between a main console and a laptop.

I would like to move the compressed backup files to the laptop on programming days instead of burning CDs

I read the manual many times about this.. :Eyecrazy: so please step me trough this.

Thank you


  • erockerock Registered User
    edited May 2010
    If you've followed the instructions in section 12.2.11. It's probably a fire wall issue. I've found that if you allow the specific IP address of your computer it seems to work better than specifying a range of address's to allow.

    If you have simple file sharing enabled on your PC under folder options, you don't need a password and user name, if you have it disabled, than you will need your username and password.

    Hope this helps,

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