Two sources of midi into Hog3PC

erockerock Registered User

I'm looking to have both Midi timecode and MSC fed into Hog3PC. It would be coming from two different sources, the time code from sound and the MSC from the primary console that is an IPC(this is a backup console) Is this possible with the software or with an external piece of hardware?

I know that I could adapt the Midi timecode to SMPTE and get it into the console with a timecode widget, but was looking to keep it all midi if possible. I'm using a Midisport 2x2 to get the Midi into the Hog3PC computer. It has 2 inputs but looks like you can only enable one at a time in the Hog3PC software?

Thanks for any input on this.



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited May 2010
    Hi Eric,

    There are several MIDI Merge devices on the market. Search the web and you will find some. I know of others that have used these for the same reason as you.
  • erockerock Registered User
    edited May 2010
    Thanks Brad! Found a few that should do what I need.

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