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  • M.Vranken
    Hi Chris,
    I found a bug in combination with the Batch-Masters.
    For Example:
    I connected some cuelists with movement effects with a batch master.
    I put the effect rate fader from the batch master on a specific level.
    Then I hold down the choose button and turned the encoder for the effect rate. After that the desktop proccess crashed.

    Another example:
    I activated the guard button in the cuelist directory.
    I hold down one of the cuelists that is connected with a batch master.
    I turned the encoder for the effect rate to give this cuelist a little bit more speed then the others. And again the desktop crashed.

    Do you have seen this behavior befor?
    The same when I am using playback rate instead of the effect rate.
    I am not shure what happen when I am using effect rate on the fader and turning then the playback rate encoder...

    Greetings from Germany

    Marcel Vranken from LMP
    June 27
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  • always in for sharing showfiles :D
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    I'm interested please call or text me at 805-624-9556!
    April 25
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  • need a profile for blizzard g streak
    April 8
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  • maikel
    did you get your lamps working on HOG 1000 ?

    i speak german and a bit englisch

    do you have your show on floppy ?

    wkr Michael
    March 31
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  • I am trying get a DL2 to project an image from the User Library using LightFactory (LF). LF has a fixture in it's library, but its listed as Mode 1, which only includes intenstity, motion, beam etc. No library or media patches. My User Folder is DMX 40 and my file is DMX 2, but I can't seem to get the DL2 to project the image.
    My starting address for the DL2 is 51, and when I read the manual it seems I should add 79 for the Folder DMX channel, and 80 for the File channel. However setting channel 130 to 40 and channel 131 to 2 doesn't work.

    Any suggesions on what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated.
    March 11
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    March 6
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  • Rony
    i new with hog 500
    How to patch and sett DMX channel?
    thank you
    February 26