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    July 9
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    June 28
  • I am new to IPC Hog Console and am looking for Fixtures from Blizzard Lighting. Where can I find or request a fixture if one is not listed. I also want to know how to create my own if that is the case. The fixtures I am looking for are as follows: Blizzard Redstone 240Z Wash 240W RGBW LED Moving Head w/Zoom Blizzard Redstone 440 Profile 440W Cool White LED Moving Head With Zoom
    June 22
  • scenaria
    Still into the hog if you have it
    May 31
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  • EricLeroy
    Hi Maegan,
    something strange with the show and capture of your webinar. I created color palettes. They worked well with all the fixtures, except SolaWash 2000:
    If I apply a color palette (for example pink) on all fixtures and after applying a ColorTime palette (time only), then SolaFrame turns white.
    Very strange. It is done with all colors and ColorTime palettes.
    I will try to send you a video.
    Any idea ? thanks. (HogPC v3.13)
    April 7
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    April 6
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    April 1
  • I'm trying to connect to Capture visualiser from hog PC running on a virtual box on iMac the Capture is also on the iMac and can't get them to connect has anyone any thoughts please.
    March 24
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    March 20
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    3000USD is fine with me
    March 14
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    Hi. Do you still have any widgets for sale?
    March 8
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    March 1
  • jedi1
    Hey, can you tell me if the chauvet r2 fixture will behave the same as an 2rx? Not seeing it anwhere.
    February 26
  • Hello everyone Iwould like a library Terbly PT-160B-R Please help me for Road hog 3 Full boar
    February 13
  • Hello everyone
    Iwould like a library Terbly PT-160B-R Please help me
    February 13
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    February 3
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  • inversion
    Hi is it still for sale? What is the price? Do you have any images of it?
    January 30
  • inversion
    Hi is this still for sale?
    January 30
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