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    April 18
  • Công ty DHTax chuyên cung cấp Dịch vụ kế toán trọn gói uy tín tại TpHCM , công ty làm báo cáo thuế dịch vụ giúp giảm chi phí hoạt động cho các doanh nghiệp
    April 18
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    April 15
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    April 6
  • I tried building one through fixture builder. Thank you, I will send a request.
    April 6
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    March 29
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    March 22
  • JAZLProductions
    I have heard from him however I didn't respond very quickly. I just saw your post. He has not asked for money from me. Hope your sale goes well. It looks like a great console.
    March 21
    • redshumate
      Hey, I just saw that you posted to my wall... thanks for getting back to me. I've sent him money, and he says it has shipped, but he hasn't given me any tracking numbers, so...your guess is as good as mine.
  • tknov6957422
    hi there, I am interested in the Hog 4 you are selling. I may need it for an upcoming gig. It looks to be in great condition please email me details at

    thanks in advance!!
    March 21
  • redshumate
    Hi, I saw that you posted on Highenders post asking if his Nano was still available. I was just wondering if you had heard from Highender. The reason I ask is because I've worked out a deal with him for his Nano, but he is asking me to wire money. I just want to make sure for both of our sakes that this is a legitimate sale and he is not working us both for wire transfers.
    Anyway, I appreciate your feedback. TIA.
    March 20
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    March 14
    Hi Maikel,I Have Brought Some New Lights & Are Gonna Have A Go At Writing A Lib.Lib File For Them & Will Post This So You Can Check it Please.
    March 6
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    February 26
  • I have trackspot mfg date '91 replaced lamp last night worked fine tonight mirror will only pan. Will not tilt. Any suggestions I climbed up and it's free. I will check obvious light wire that has come undone. But after that I'm lost. Thanks guys
    February 25
  • movinlumens
    Hiya wondering if you ever got a fixture file for the smartmacs.... Cheers johnny
    February 24
  • maloricarr
    Hi ACP,

    Were you able to get your profile working for your Beam fixture? Or put in a request on our form at:

    Thank you,

    February 22
  • have hog3ipc asked for profile elation250 color spot and never got anything back
    February 21
  • Yes latest SW
    February 16
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    January 8
  • So i have a Hog 4 Road Hog, and i just loaded up new software (v.3.6.1) on my DP8000. My console is running 3.7.1 ( brand new console) Someone told me i need to clone my DP8000 because the console has a build in one. So i tried that but i get a message from the console ' could not patch to specified output box'. I have a 8 universe rig that needs work in 2 days and i have simply no idea how to make the console and the DP8000 talk to each other so my rig actually works. I have ;y show loaded and the console says everything is ok but i have no light output what so ever. If there is anybody out there that can help me please do.
    January 7
  • buenas tardes quisiera saber porque la hog 4 no tiene todos los modos de las spiider ?
    December 2017