DML FCB problem

Juay0004Juay0004 Registered User
Hi all,

My DML 1200 w Axon is giving me a error message: "FCB set mode failed"
Any idea what may be causing this problem? It is not a consistent problem but occurs from time to time when I try to strike or douse the lamps. And when this error occurs, it fails to respond to the lamp strike or douse command.


  • p_hancockp_hancock Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff, HES Alumni, DL Beta, Hog Beta, Notifications
    edited November 2011
    Hi Juay,

    Are you running Projector Toolset on a computer with the DML-1200? It would be really helpful for trouble shooting to look in the "Diagnostics' section of Projector Toolset to see any and all error messages.

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