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Hi everybody, I work at a club in Boston and we have a Lightwave universal controller running six trackspots. I wanted to know if anybody knew where I could get a hold of a memory card with some stuff programmed into it. I can pay a modest fee, or if somebody is willing (not sure if possible) to let me get a copy of one of thier cards.. Our club paid several hundred dollars for new programs and still there are empty banks and some of the sequence's are just not that impressive, the guy we hired was expensive and programming manually took forever. I want to try and get this looking a little better. ANY HELP WOULD BE AWESOME AND APPRECIATED.....


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    The best advice I can give is to download the manual and learn how to use the controller. It really isn't too difficult to learn:

    There's also a turorial that will help you get started. There will be a learning curve, but once you're past it you'll never have to hire a programmer! You can always call in to High End for extra help.
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