Walkie vs Hog III

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Any idea why when using my walkie, my right touch screen goes out? Seems like anywhere within say, 5ft of the screen and I press "talk", either the screen goes crazy (far away) to all the way black on the right screen. Does nothing to the left one, or any of my externals. It also does not appear to cause a crash, or anythign else, just bye bye screen. :poke:


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    This is known.
    It is even worse on the iPC & Roadhogs.
    You just have to keep your radio away from the screens.
    Usually just blocking it with your body is good enough....unless there is something behind you for the signal to bouce off and reflect back at the console.

    Hope this helps. :)
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    Radio transmitters (including cell phones) and consoles don't mix. Keep them away from your console. RF can cause all kinds of problems, there's no guaranteed safe combination. 2-way radios have much more powerful transmitters than most cell phones (5-watts or more), but modern digital cell phones have a pulsed power output profile that can be more disruptive to electronics.

    Even if you've never had a problem with your console, it can start unexpectedly. Cell phones and many digital radio systems automatically adjust their power output to the minimum needed to reach the cell tower or base station. A momentary burst of interference or the nearest tower going offline can cause your transmitter to boost power enough to crash or confuse a console.

    Never set your phone on top of the console! This applies to all consoles, not just Hogs.
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    In '94 I keyed up a Motorola radio next to our dragon's controls on the MGM EFX show.

    It was a tense few seconds watching 6000 lbs of dragon go out of control.
    Luckily, I got off key before she hit anything.

    It is sufficient to say that some circuits are more suceptible to interference from RF than others. Proximity makes a big difference too.

    Digital cell phones (all modern ones) are about 600mw.
    Radios are in the range of 4-6 watts depending on freq/band.

    I've had no problems with hanging my iPhone between the monitors of a HOG III.
    But I could be rolling the dice on that one like you said Eric.
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